Our Story

WGN Chicago decided to do a piece on our Founder's story behind We've Got Your Back.

Below is the video and this is the story on their website.


disaster inspires an idea...

The idea for our mission was a beautiful outcome from a very devastating event. In 2010, after a horrific earthquake in Haiti, a relief project was quickly organized to help the Haitian people. The now founder of We've Got Your Back, Jose Amin Perez, was one of the volunteers to help with the relief.

"It was devastating to see the sad reality of so many people. The most painful thing was to see the many children who didn't know what they would be eating that day, or where they would be sleeping. The truth is, I had never seen a more depressing situation than what I experienced in Haiti", said Jose Amin Perez.

After two days in Haiti, while heading back into the Dominican Republic, a seed was planted in the heart of our founder. With the many resources offered in the United States, there was much more that could be done to help the people and children. The idea to bring backpacks in the summer for the children of the Dominican Republic, as well as to the children of Haiti, was the beginning of We've Got Your Back. The following year, in 2011, a team was formed to carry out the mission of We've Got Your Back. Since then, they have worked year after year to continue this mission in various countries; Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. Thanks to God and to a dedicated team, we have been able to reach over 1,500 children in need. Our vision is to expand and continue to make an impact in the lives of children all over the world.


Haiti in 2010, our very first project.